Beyond the Fest

Elephant Mountain Literary Festival offers literary programming throughout the year. Because we believe an informed readership helps to create good writers, EMLF introduces local readers to work by writers living locally and further afield. Our goal is to widen local readers’ sense of the scope of contemporary Canadian writing, and to provide a perspective on our home-grown writers’ efforts.

Demystifying the literary world is important to us as well. Presenting literary professionals such as publishers, agents, book designers, or book marketers helps readers and writers alike better understand the current structure, procedures, challenges and accomplishments of the Canadian literary milieu.

For more, see Authors and Speakers Series.

EMLF believes in encouraging locally-based writers. We feel skills in self-expression are vital to a healthy community. The more clearly people can articulate their hopes, fears, needs, wants, challenges and achievements, the better democracy functions. We believe that nurturing local literary talent means that our stories will be told. The earlier people are exposed to their chosen art form, the earlier their skills in and knowledge of that art form are enhanced. Our goal is to help young people experience the value—and the fun—of both reading and creative writing.

For more, see For Children And Youth.

EMLF is interested in engaging the community in as many ways as we can. We’ve long been aware that many keen Kootenay readers congregate in book clubs, which can range from casual get-togethers of friends to more formally structured reading groups. In 2018, we launched an initiative to try to better connect with the area’s book clubs: how can we be more relevant to them? And to make sure they know more about EMLF, too.

For more, see Book Clubs.