One of Canada’s 10 greatest literary festivals.
Arguably one of the most beautiful lit fest locales going.

— Toronto Star, 2016

It’s EMLF’s 10th anniversary!

That’s ten years of showcasing some of Canada’s finest authors alongside talented writers from this neck of the woods. We have great things planned for this milestone year.

Our 10th anniversary theme, Writing in a Dangerous Time, will celebrate literary courage in our changing world, whether that’s taking creative risks, tackling difficult subjects, or in the very act of being a writer. It takes courage to put on a literary festival in these times, too, but we’re ready to be nimble with a hybrid of Covid-safe live and online events and workshops.

EMLF is both a readers’ and writers’ festival, promising plenty of food for thought and a healthy dose of merriment, too.

Check out our growing Festival lineup!

Fairy lights at EMLF 2020
Once again, we’ll take the Fest to the field for an unforgettable outdoor literary experience.